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Rever Contract Catering
Nursing & residential

Rever Catering provides a Contract Catering Service for Nursing and Residential Care which is based around our philosophy of fresh food and high quality preparation.

We ensure that we prepare and cook everything fresh each day using the finest produce from reputable local suppliers. All the meals are produced by our qualified chefs and are full of natural flavours. They contain all the balanced nutrients and above all our food looks colourful, appetising and tastes wonderful.

In other words we serve "Real Food"

Rever Catering will support your Residential Nursing Home by providing a dedicated team of skilled professionals who will offer a specialised catering operation in your home which represents value for money.

Rever Catering believes that buying from local and national suppliers.

The quality of food on the plate is enhanced whilst still achieving the agreed budgeted gross profit.

Neither our suppliers nor we restrict any range of products available therefore allowing the Chef freedom of choice to gain best quality, price and special offers. Our staff are always secure in the knowledge that supplies will be in on time, with next day deliveries, and they receive exactly what they have ordered every time.

Sometimes eating solid food may not be as easy as it once was and a suitable solution must be found quickly if under nourishment or extreme weight loss is to be avoided. The incapability to chew, swallow or digest foods properly can happen at any age.

For those residents who fall into this category we provide a meal that is easy to swallow without chewing.

We provide traditionally prepared foods which are pureed and keep all of their nutrient values and their fresh appearance.

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